“I first met Janis during an emotional time in my life. The moment I saw her and felt her healing energy, my walls came down. After a deep healing session I left with a sense of clarity and peace. She has been my go-to for moments in my life where I know an empathetic soul is needed to help in transitioning energy. Thank you Janis for all you have done for my family … much gratitude.”

Janice is a gifted healer and I would recommend her to other people looking for an excellent therapist.

I recently asked Janice to provide me with a hypnotherapy session to develop emotional strength to accomplish more and to deal with negativity and loss.  I was surprised during the therapy that I had been holding onto fear and anger for a very long time because of my father’s passing.  I did not even realize that I had been doing this so the emotional release during the session was very healing and has helped me to view loss in a healthier way.