Reiki service victoria

The body has the ability
to heal
when balance is restored to
mind, spirit and emotion

Hi Way To Heal

Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master in Victoria


    is effective, safe and fun. A Hypnotherapy session is very calming, yet during this time the client is hyperalert. This restful hypnotic state allows us to bypass the critical mind and quickly identify what needs healing. The benefits from Hypnotherapy can be anything from phobias to weight loss, it is virtually endless, what people can deal with, when choosing to work with hypnotherapy.


    is the Japanese art form of healing where universal energy is channelled through the practitioner to the client. The client experiences deep relaxation with a sense of peace. Reiki energy balances the 7 major energy centers called Chakras. During a Reiki session all Chakras are addressed and tuned to spin in the correct direction with the speed appropriate for each individual's unique aura. By allowing yourself time and with my guidance, you will travel within so a truly amazing healing process may begin. Reiki works well on animals as they are intuitive, and seem to lap it up. I find animals become calm and serene when they feel the Reiki energy. I am a Reiki Master/ Teacher and offer classes, check out my website for times or email me and let me know to put you on the wait list.

Distance Healing

    is the process of sending healing thoughts and energy over vast distances when a client can not be there in person, Distance Healing makes this separation disappear and offers the gift of healing. Through the higher discipline of Reiki, it allows my clients to benefit from the healing effects remotely. During Distance Healing the receiver's soul silently acknowledges the Reiki energy.. Learning this aspect of Reiki has been immensely rewarding for me as I can send positive healing energy to events around the world.

Crystal Therapy

    is a powerful tool in art of healing where crystals are carefully placed on the body and sometimes held in the client's hands. Crystals are occasionally spaced in grid like patterns, inspired and guided by the practitioner's sense of intuition based on the client's unique treatment needs. At Hi Way To Heal I incorporate Crystals in nearly all treatment sessions as most clients show excellent beneficial feedback. I love the energy of Crystals!

Shamanic Practice

    is a practice where I use Drums, Feathers, Rattles, Cedar and Sage or Sweet grass to clear, cleanse and balance the clients aura and energy field. Shamanic Work is well known for it's calming and soothing effect on the soul and spirit. Working with a Drum allows clients to embark on a Drum Journey, where it's possible to discover animal guides or help in finding resolve before an important decision. Shamanic Work is also effective in releasing one's past trauma. An upheaval in life may leave a person in anguish, feeling empty, not even aware it is possible to feel the same as before. Allowing me to practice Shamanic Work enables the client to rejoin parts of their soul that have split off during a traumatic event. Soul retrieval is a tremendous experience for my clients. It is an honor to practice Shamanic Work and be in the presence of someone becoming whole again.

Energy Lightwork

    is a practice whereby I direct the client in the experience of powerful healing light transversing through their body, creating a peaceful state of calm while simultaneously offering the familiarity and comfort of being safely grounded. This powerful light will often manifest as vivid colors, highly spiritual, pure and positive. During an Energy Lightwork session, I provide direction to the client, maximizing the light's healing powers as it finds a path, pushing negative energy down while encompassing the mind and body in a wash of beautiful positive energy.

Hand Reflexology

    requires the use of a crystal wand which I guide along critical pressure points in the hand. During this careful scan, clients help discover areas of interest as they experience a sensation of tenderness. I then apply gentle pressure within this area until the tenderness subsides. Multiple areas are often treated in this way, systematically providing relief from pain, congestion and many chronic conditions.

Space Clearing

    is the practice using Drums, Feathers, Rattles and Smudge to release unwanted energies that are not wanted or are causing discomfort...or simply annoying! The procedure can be administered in your home or office. Space Clearing is not bound to the human body alone, it is a powerful tool in the cleansing of physical property as well. Often after I conduct a Space Clearing in a home or property, clients report a noticeable difference to the feel of the space it often feels fresher or lighter.

Animal Healing

    is a gentle Reiki technique where I treat client's pets, leaving them in a calm, serene, emotional state. Animals are very intuitive and seem to enjoy the energy they are sensing. Unlike healing people, pets provide the guidance I use to determine what degree of Reiki therapy is necessary. When walking my own dog, Henry, I see pets stop in their tracks to receive Reiki from me, they seem to know the universal energy I can offer them.

Card Reading

    is a great tool for getting deep into matters of concern for each individual, and pin pointing exactly what needs to be focused on. During a Card Reading session, I will initiate a three Card Reading for past, present and future. I prefer this card reading method as the client choose their own cards, ensuring the purity of a true and effective treatment. Positive life changing therapies start from the solid base Card Reading provides assisting you on your journey of healing.

HI WAY TO HEAL is located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada.