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  Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master in Victoria

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Are you looking for?

  • Happiness
  • Love and healthy relationships
  • Improving your well being
  • More balance in your life
  • Positive and creative energy
  • Emotional stability with hope and serenity
  • Guidance in achieving a purposeful and fulfilled life

Janis Beecroft

Janis Beecroft is an Internationally registered and licensed Hypnotherapist and a Registered Member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

Janis is trained extensively in the Shamanic Practice of using drums, feathers, cedar, smudge and rattles. Janis also can facilitate soul retrieval and past life discovery. As a Professional Reiki practitioner, Janis uses her gift of intuition in the careful placement of crystals, aligning their energy in focus directed distance healing.

Working with Janis

Allow me to assist you and release unwanted energy, stress or past trauma

Together we will replace negativity with inspirational and peaceful feelings


100% confidentiality guaranteed. Introductions and intake time are not part of your session and no fee is charged. You only pay when your treatment begins.

HI WAY TO HEAL is located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada.